Amélioration stabilisateur - Stabiliser improvement
Stabiliser improvement – Tuna fish vessel – Confidentiel
21 April 2016
Stabilisation passive PLG - Passive stabilisation
PLG – SOCARENAM – SIRE passive stabilisation
15 June 2015


High frequency monitoring buoy

Bouée houlomotrice de monitoring


The SMILE project is an High Frequency instrumented wave energy buoy. This operational prototype wave energy buoy is the result of a partnership between Ifremer, The University of Caen, and nke-instrumentation. The project is co-funded by the Water Agency Seine Normandie and Basse-Normandie ERDF.

This measuring buoy is undergoing certification by the SOMLIT network implemented by the CNRS. It provides data every 20 minutes and subsurface (-1,50m).

On-board equipment:

  • Multiparameter probe (T ° C, salinity, DO, Fluorimetry, turbidity)
  • PAR Sensor
  • PAM Production Sensor Primary
  • Weather Channel.

The project partners were looking for a compact float able to guarantee a high energy production and overcome availability problems, detected by previous programs with 100% solar buoys.

GEPS Techno has provided its wave energy buoy OCTOPUSEA solution and coordinated the integration of different means of measurement on the float.



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Universite Caen


Diameter : 3,6m
Total height : 5,5 m
Light deadweight: 2,5 t
Delivery date: June 2015
Location: Channel
 Installed power : 160 W