Our autonomous hybrid platforms at sea

From small to medium power

Application resulting from our IHES research program, the WAVEGEM® medium power autonomous platform generates its electricity from the innovative wave technology developed by GEPS Techno as the main source and photovoltaic solar panels as an additional source.

To meet a maximum of applications but also support our customers in their changing needs, the platform is modular and accommodates energy storage and embedded applications or exports the energy produced to external submarine or surface consumers.

Mid-power WAVEGEM® was created thanks to the commercially successful low-power platform WAVEPEARL®.


Autonomous hybrid platforms at sea to satisfy your surveillance and communication needs at sea

Reduce your costs
Become autonomous
Collect 100% reliable data sets
Reduce your environmental footprint
Use a simple device
Choose the alternative to diesel genrators
Free land space by outsourcing energy production at sea

Low and medium hybrid platforms characteristics

  • Autonomy of power supply guaranteed thanks to the hybrid energy sources (solar + wave)
  • High power: up to 1 MW
  • Current QHSE standards
  • WAVEPEARL and WAVEGEM solutions produce during periods of very strong swells
  • Highly reliable with low maintenance
  • Easy and low-cost deployment due to easy towing and mooring, for all depths and types of soils
  • Modular design according to deployment site and to customer’s application


Most appropriate low and medium power solutions in terms of renewable energies

Low maintenance


No mechanical part
Unmanned operated
Easy and fast deployment

Scalability, Simplicity, Reliability

More 140 000 power production hours at sea without intermittence
Sea-proven ocean data measurements campaigns

Customized scalability

Available electricity 24/7

CO2 free

Wave energy harvesting using internal sea water motion

Hybrid renewable power : solar and wave energies


Easily fitted with measuring systems
Turn-key solutions through our subsidiary Akrocean
Communication systems and any other application

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A platform adaptable to your needs

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