Bringing you engineering services for your projects

Since our company creation, both the realization of our projects and the implementation of innovative technologies led us developing significant expertise in many areas of offshore engineering, either by recruiting talent in these areas either by acquiring new know-how through R & D projects we achieved.

Today, we provide skills and talents to allow you to move faster and to reduce the risks on your own offshore projects.

Our field of expertise in offshore engineering:

  • Hull stabilization and seakeeping
  • Mooring, Anchoring,
  • Regulation of energy production and consumption systems
  • Combination of various power sources and consumers
Bouée autonome - autonomy buoy - PH4S
ingénierie - offshore - studies


Our long industrial experience has allowed us to know in depth the decision-making process related to the implementation of important and innovative investments plans.

Before making the decision to invest in any of our products, you will probably need presenting the elements able to convince your technical and financial staff. We can assist you in building your investment program through a detailed feasibility study, specific to your project characteristics in order to give you the best chance of successful decision.

By associating us to this very early stage, this study will then be a factor of acceleration and reduction of costs in your investment with a perfect adequation to your needs.

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