GEPS Techno brings to your projects sea-proven engineering solutions

From the beginning of our company, the achievement of our projects and the implementation of innovative technologies brought us to develop an offshore engineering expertise in many aspects: either with the hiring of talents, or by learning through R&D projects we carried out.

Today, the skills and talents of our engineering team is available to enable you to move faster and to reduce risks on your projects. We can assist you with the following offshore engineering issues:

  • Stabilization and seakeeping
  • Anchoring
  • Production system control – energy consumption
  • Hybridization of power supply and electric consumptions
Modélisation CFD Stabilisation GEPS Techno

And consulting in the implementation of our solutions

Thanks to our long industrial experience, we are familiar with the decision-making process linked to the implementation of large and innovative investment plan. When you make the decision to invest in our service, you will certainly be interested in getting concrete evidence able to convince your technical and financial stakeholders. We are looking forward in supporting you in the development of your investment plan with a detailed feasibility study specific to your project in order to give you the best keys to success. This study will then be an acceleration factor and a cost reducer in the implementation of your investment.


Our references



Feasibility study in engineering
for GEPS Innov




Energy recovery system design for IMODCO loading buoys

December 2017



Feasibility study for the design of a floating platform capable of producing and storing hydrogen from renewable energies

January 2016



Structural and detailed design of marine algae culture facilities

May 2013