GEPS Techno adjusts itself to customers needs


GEPS Techno is an engineering company created in 2011. It is the pioneer of hybridization of renewable energies for autonomy at sea. This company imagines, designs, markets and deploys innovative off-grid systems at sea. These systems aim to stabilize, produce green and autonomous energy and collect data. In addition, the strategy focuses on the simplicity, reliability, performance and profitability of the solutions offered to their customers.

Based on the vision of GEPS Techno’s founders, who are familiar with the problems of the shipbuilding and offshore industry, all solutions are designed for optimized performance and cost-efficiency. The solutions are adapted to the needs of the customers. All this while following a complete development cycle, from first sketches to qualification tests.

GEPS Techno systems integrate as much as possible existing materials and components, standard, widely tested at sea and adapted to intensive maritime use. These choices are based on a complete knowledge of how to manufacture, install, maintain in operational conditions and dismantle such systems. They thus enable to reduce operating and deployment expenses as much as possible.

By being aware of a more sustainable environment, by paying attention to our customers’ challenges and by thinking differently, their problems become ours and our disruptive solutions become theirs.


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