Harvest your ship stabilisation power

The GSIRE application is a SIRE type passive anti-roll stabilisation system integrating water turbines to recover stabilisation power from the water load in motion.

As an addition to its primary function of stabilizing the ship, GSIRE® offers you a new source of energy by collecting ship stabilisation power and thus allows vessels equipped with passive anti-roll stabilizers to reduce their fuel consumption.

Furthermore, in case of blackout of the vessel, the GSIRE system continues to produce electricity and to ensure additional supply to existing security systems.

Available for newbuilding or refit, the product GSIRE® simply integrates without volume or weight impact on all ships and platforms fitted with passive stabilisation system.

Ship stabilisation - Stabilisation navire

The many benefits to power your stabilisation system

  • No maintenance
  • No water level adjustment
  • Suitable for newbuilding or refit
  • Adapted for ships and platforms ranging from 20m to 400m
  • Custom design for each hull
  • High power available up to 500 kW per unit depending of the beam of the ship
  • Free unlimited power source
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Permanent stabilisation

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