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CEMRE Shipyard Testimony

We as Cemre Shipyard and our solutions partner SALT Ship Design have always tried to be the trend makers in the Market but when you are building a vessel for a innovator company like LIE GRUPPEN having The GSIRE application onboard together with LNG and Battery was literally inevitable. GEPS’s GSIRE solution is Simple and perfect solution for our Lady since she is spending almost 300 days in a year on rough seas.


Our collaboration with GEPS Techno has given us an instrumented buoy producing enough energy to install innovative sensors and thus develop our research on phytoplankton, the basis of life in marine environments.

Pascal CLAQUINProfesseur des Universités - BOREA/CREC - Station Marine de l'Université de Caen

The connection of the generator to its anchoring lines could be carried out in a few hours, with relatively light maritime means, the final tension being of the order of 10 tons under the conditions retained for this operation. It is precisely this shared knowledge of the project and its technical characteristics between designer and installer that favored the selection and coordination of locally present assistance vessels.

Hervé ALLAIREShip As A Service

The collaboration between IFREMER and GEPS Techno in the field of Monitoring Environmental has made it possible to design a new generation of instrumented buoys. These platforms are now stabilized, making it easier for scientists to intervene on board, and produce more energy, making it possible to take on board and install more measuring instruments.


VALOREM Marin Solutions develops the activities of the VALOREM Group in Marine Renewable Energy and offshore wind energy. In GEPS Techno, we have found the ideal technical partner for our subsidiary VALEMO Operation & Maintenance. Our collaboration has enabled us to create AKROCEAN, which deploys and operates autonomous energy floats capable of acquiring meteoro-oceanic data for future offshore wind farms. Our innovative WINDSEA floating LiDAR solution has been a real commercial success in France and abroad.

Matthieu BLANDINHead of MRE & Offshore Wind Activities VALOREM, COO AKROCEAN

The last 4 years of collaboration with GEPS Techno and the IHES project consortium have led to the deployment at sea of the first hybrid device (wave engine and solar panels) on the SEMREV test site since its creation in 2007.

Thomas SOULARDEcole Centrale Nantes

The installation study for the SIRE® tank allowed us to analyze in depth the problems of resonance entry of vessels operating in the Indian Ocean.

Laurent CLAVERYARCO Marine, Naval Architects

The collaboration with GEPS Techno is particularly valuable for a naval architect: a great reactivity in pre-project, an adaptation of GEPS products to the characteristics of each ship project and, when the projects come to fruition, results at sea in line with expectations.

François SEBILODirecteur Opérationnel, MAURIC Sea Novators