Based on the PMH project results that demonstrated the WEC technology low power range, the IHES project is going to optimize system performances in platform stabilisation mode to bring additional added value to customers.


  • Optimise energy recovery performance in plateform stabilisation mode through two applications: a ship stabiliser and an anchored autonomous power platform.
  • Validate a CFD modeling with tank tests reslts with scale models 1: 10 and real data from sea trials of the vessel and platform prototypes.
Stabilisation plateforme - Platform stabilisation

1 technology, 2 applications

GSIRE® – energized stabilizer system for ship

  • Development of numerical simulation models of the device behavior (is the subject of a PhD)
  • Optimization of stabilization performance, especially to increase the range of rolling period with high stabilisation rates
  • Improved control algorithms on the mode of stabilisation
  • Ensuring emergency power supply in case of blackout

WAVEPEARL® – self-powered stabilized platform

  • Development of an electric conversion chain and a hybrid storage system (batteries and supercapacitors) and associated regulations
  • Validation of power performance and platform stabilisation performance

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