Our vision : offgrid energy solutions centered around wave energy recovery

At GEPS Techno we believe that the future of energy is in the oceans: that is why we are developing, since 2011, energy recovery systems with a key role of wave energy conversion.

We already sell passive anti-roll stabilizers for ships and wave powered platforms.

In parallel with the commercialization of our wave power solutions, we are conducting research programs to develop hybrid solutions, more efficient and more powerful, always with goal to propose our customers the best solution to achieve offshore energy independence through renewable marine energy.

Our complitly different approach of project management and technical development and our quick business development model gives us an advantage over our competitors.

Our technologies are simple, robust, and flexible so that we are able to respond to all kinds of problems for our customers.

Our investors take part in the energy revolution!

Why wave energy conversion ?

Wave energy has unique features and offers many advantages in comparison to other renewable energy sources:

  • Wave energy is highly predictable, conditions may be known more than one week in advance.
  • Wave energy is permanent, off the coast, ocean is constantly moving, making it a reliable source of energy and can produce continuously.
  • Wave energy is a high potential energy as shown by the large number of developers of wave energy technologies. In the innovation race, very few of them have reached GEPS Techno’s level of maturity.

Our strategic Board

The Strategic Board members are the management team and key people who are able to help to decide the strategic plan of the company.

Besides Jean-luc Longeroche and Philip Magaldi, the Strategic Board consists of:


GEPS Techno Strategic Board

Jacques BITON

GEPS Techno Strategic Board


GEPS Techno Strategic Board


GEPS Techno Strategic Board

Yannick SEGUIN

GEPS Techno Strategic Board


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