This marine hybrid platform produces electrical energy from several sources of energy and can put it on an isolated electrical grid or power large offshore facilities. This concept was imaginated after a simple yet revolutionary conclusion compared to the generally observed approach in the field of Marine Renewable Energy: the most suitable structure for marine use is a ship, principle demonstrated for over two thousand years.

The MLiner is an hybrid platform that combines wave energy, tidal, wind and solar on the same float.

This highly innovative hybrid system has two advantages: It reduces the intermittency of power generation through the integration of the means of production among themselves, but also the cost per kWh produced through infrastructure savings.

The project objective is to feed autonomous systems at sea, islands, remote areas that are now dependent on fossil and carbon fuels, enabling them to supply 100% green and sustainable energy.

Our project, launched in 2011, continues to move forward and to specify over our R&D programs. PH4S project is the first hybrid prototype to be tested at sea and prefigures the MLiner.

According to current results and preliminary estimates, the MLiner could have a peak power of 60 MW, 60% coming from wave powered basins.

Hybrid platform - Plateforme hybride
HYbrid platform - Plateforme hybride
Hybrid platform multisources - multi sources plateforme - récupération énergie
Multi source hybrid - source hybride multi sources
Hybrid platform - PLateforme hybride


  • The integration of the energy production means together: Unlike juxtaposed systems, each MLiner system contributes to improve the performance of other systems.
  • Highly innovative wave nergy converter: no mechanical, internal system not exposed to the elements.
  • Scalable solution: The modular and easy-to-transfer structure of the MLiner allows easy integration of new sources and storage facilities.
  • Reducing installation and maintenance costs.
  • The classic advantages of energy mix: Smoothing of production, sharing of infrastructure costs.
  • A design in line with the existing production facilities of shipyards.

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