From sea Trials to numerical model

PMH program has validated the wave energy conversion technology by correlating experimental results in real conditions (on both a power buoy and a ship) with tank tests results with a prototype of wave power buoy in scale 1: 4 and with results of a numerical model.


The buoy is half filled with water which circulates within a closed circuit through a plurality of compartments.

The waves movement transmitted to the buoy allow liquid to flow from one compartment to another, generating a kinetic energy in the central structure (the effect of “communicating vessels”).

A water turbine, installed in the central structure of the power buoy, captures this kinetic energy and transforms it into electricity. Energy storage is included into the power buoy and deliver permanent energy to onboard monitoring devices.

Récupération d’énergie par stabilisateur navire : tests en mer


  • 36 months program
  • Tests under changing conditions (close to the actual operating conditions) and with three different prototypes and dozens of different hardware configuration.
  • Development of numerical models that simulate the behavior of the device, through a CIFRE thesis;
  • Identifying correlations between the behavior of the device, and numerical models combined with the testing of models.
  • Commercialization of the “wave buoy” solution by the end of the program

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