Offshore platform - Plateforme offshore
23 June 2016
Amélioration stabilisateur - Stabiliser improvement
Stabiliser improvement – Tuna fish vessel – Confidentiel
21 April 2016


Existing ship stabiliser refitting with addition of energy harvesting system


Notified in June 2015, the IHES program includes the implementation of the GSIRE® stabilization system with energy harvesting on Thalassa vessel. Through existing ship stabiliser refitting, the stabilisation system will recover energy from water flow inside the tank using water turbines. The additional generators fitted in the tank with the turbines are connected to the ship network. The rated power of approximately 25 kW varies depending on the sea state encountered by the ship.

Commissioned in 1996, the Thalassa vessel has an overall length of 73.65 meters, a width of 14.90 meters and a displacement of about 2900 tons in charge. Its range is 60 days to 11 knots with about 50 people including crew and scientists.

The main tasks of this fishery research vessel are fish population ecology, assessment of exploited species,  study of the spatial and temporal distribution of resources, capture techniques and processing products, physical oceanography, occasional implementation  of tele-operated robot Victor 6000.

Using the opportunity of Thalassa ship stabiliser refitting, the implementation of the solution GSIRE® will reduce the ship’s consumption and thus extend its range of actions and reduce its operating costs.

Statut du projet : En cours de réalisation


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Ship stabilisation - Stabilisation navire

key figures

Turbine tank diameter 2,1 m
Total heigth: 1,7 m
Installed power: 30 kW
Delivery date: Septembre 2016
Total tank volume: 29 m3