Genavir – Stabiliser refitting ship Thalassa
12 May 2016
Bouée houlomotrice de monitoring
21 June 2015

TUNA FISHING SHIP - Confidential

Existing passive stabiliser improvement

Amélioration stabilisateur - Stabiliser improvement


As part of the refitting project of roll stabiliser of existing fleet of tuna fishing vessels including stabiliser improvement, our client would like simultaneously to increase  the level of stabilisation and to reduce ship fuel consumption.

Improved stabilisation level allows to reduce stress on the vessel and its equipment, to decrease maintenance operations and then maintenance costs, to increase operational sea state fishing range and to improve crew working conditions and comfort.

With the use of GSIRE® solution developed by Geps Techno, the refitting and the stabiliser improvement also makes the operation profitable: the energy produced by GSIRE® is injected into the ship network and reduces the power to be generated by diesel generators.

Fuel savings cover the additional investment within 5 to 7 years depending of fishing campaigns conditions and fuel estimated cost and reinforces the interest of such an operation.

Project status: Ongoing negotiations


Ship stabilisation - Stabilisation navire
Stabilisation power - Bouée énergie

key figures

Length: 80 m
Width: 15 m
Displacement: 2300 t
Expected delivery date: ND
Location: West Africa
Installed power:  2 x 7,5 kW per stabiliser