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A ship stabilisation system ingenious and highly efficient

SIRE® is a passive ship stabilisation system that reduces the ship roll in all sea conditions.

Its efficiency is based on a simple but powerful principle widely demonstrated. Sea water is enclosed in a tank. The ship roll created a water movement from one side to the other of the tank creating an dynamic effect opposite to that of the roll.
Based on specific patented design, SIRE® is a autonomous ship stabilisation equipment which requires no water level adjustment or any other human action to provide a high level of ship stabilisation.

Roll ship stabilisation - Stabilisateur roulis

A proven and evolutive ship stabilisation system

  • Suitable for ships and platforms from 20m to 400m
  • Custom design for each hull
  • Suitable for newbuilding or refit of existing platforms and ships
  • Low maintenance
  • No water level adjustment
  • Easy update to energy recovery solution (GSIRE)

Our latest achievements