The unique wave energy technology from GEPS Techno

GEPS Techno’s buoys and platforms’ main technical feature is the wave energy converter inside the hull. Tubes in shape of a star inside the the buoys, platforms and anti-rolling tanks for ships contain water in a closed circuit. Each time the waves make the hull move, each time the ship rolls, the water naturally flows inside the tubes, into the slow-motion turbines linked to a generator. We then convert the wave energy or roll energy in electricity.

This patented technology is unique and innovative, as it’s the only wave energy converter using water in a closed circuit. One of the key-factor is that the turbines always turns in the same direction, at a low speed.

The whole system is fitted inside the hull, so it’s not affected in anyway by the outside weather conditions. As the buoys and platforms move slowly to produce electricity, the mooring system is very simple with anchors and chains. It’s a very significant difference compared to other wave energy conversion technologies that require concrete foundations or tension-leg anchoring system.

Hybridation, GEPS Techno’s know-how

The hybridization of renewable energies has been the key-concept leading to GEPS Techno’s creation. Each renewable energy by its own is highly intermittent, which generates high level of energy storage and as a consequence, the use of batteries. Combining available renewable energies at different times of the year and of the day, with solar and wave energies, we reduce strongly the intermittence of the production, as and limit the size of the storage.

GEPS Techno have deployed more than 10 low & mid power platforms that produced over 140 000 hours of electricity continuously, without intermittence. On the IHES platform, all sub-systems (wave energy conversion, solar energy production, power conversion, energy storage, monitoring and communication) are functional and the test period will enable to increase the energy production and to compare the experimental results with numerical simulation results. The sea-trial test period of 18 months is also the good timing to test many different concepts and designs for internal components in order to compare their performances in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Production d'énergie intermittence



Specialists of stabilization, GEPS Techno provides passive solutions with SIRE® and GSIRE® to reduce roll and pitch, with anti-rolling tanks, anti-pitching tanks, U-tanks, combination of small fins and anti-rolling tanks to optimize stabilization at all speeds, and to reduce costs.

Our stabilization solutions:

  • For all types and sizes of vessels
  • In all sea states & vessel conditions
  • Very low noise and vibration emissions – smooth fluid motion through vortex chambers
  • High stabilisation rate, sea proven – Up to 90% roll reduction at peak period and 60% RMS
  • Passive system: no water level adjustments and maintenance free

With the water turbines inside the tanks, we produce power from the water flow, up to 500kW capacity, which brings a return on investment estimated to 3 to 4 years, with the production of a renewable, free and green energy, reducing fuel consumption. This power remains available in case of blackout.

Modélisation 3D d'un GSIRE

A well-know technology

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