Application resulting from our IHES research program, the WAVEGEM® medium power autonomous platform generates its electricity from the innovative wave technology developed by GEPS TECHNO as the main source and photovoltaic solar panels as an additional source.

To meet a maximum of applications but also support our customers in the evolution of their needs, the platform is flexible to accommodate energy storage and embedded applications or to export the energy produced to external submarine or surface consumers.

Areas of application: Offshore wind, offshore oil & gas, aquaculture and all other types of offgrid marine sites.


  • Guaranteed energy autonomy
  • High power: up to 1 MW
  • Responding to QHSE standards in force
  • Able to produce during periods of very strong swells
  • Reliable with little maintenance
  • Easy deployment for all depths and all types of soil
  • Deployment site and application function design

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