As a direct product from our research programs PMH and IHES, the stabilised buoy WAVEPEARL® generates its electricity from GSIRE® stabilisation systems integrated into its hull.

As a consequence, the stabilised buoy WAVEPEARL® provides permanent electric supply and creates good working conditions.

Reduction of platform movements could be a key factor to improve accuracy of monitoring or sampling.

The platform is fully scalable to meet the needs of our customers. It allows supplying on-board equipment with 100% renewable energy, installations at sea or nearshore and underwater instruments.

Scope: Renewable Marine Energy · Monitoring · Defense · All types of isolated offshore sites or isolated nearcoast onshore sites.


  • Autonomy of power supply guaranted
  • High power: up to 1 MW
  • Access and Safety for working crew and maintenance team
  • Adapted to all sea conditions (inckuding rough conditions)
  • Reliable with low maintenance
  • Low cost deployment due to easy towing and mooring
  • Design according to the sea conditions of mooring site and the customer application
  • Available for 6 ft to 40 ft containers

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